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WWU Miller Hall Renovation

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Miller Hall defines the east edge of Red Square, the campus circulation focal point. The renovation accepts the grain of the existing building by using compatible materials and massing. The occupant experience is enhanced with the addition of numerous collaboration spaces and by the reconfiguration of the building section both intended to encourage occupant communication and interaction. A complete floor plan reconfiguration improves way finding and addresses the program needs of the College of Education and the Modern and Classical Languages Department. Placed at the center of the 135,000 SF facility, a new transparent gallery provides a flexible gathering space for overall campus use. Its green roof is enjoyed from the surrounding floors of the existing building above. The surrounding walls of the original building, seen through full height glass, define the perceived gallery boundary. Sustainable building highlights include the gallery green roof, the introduction of natural light within the building through dormers, skylights and light wells, natural ventilation, storm water rain gardens, and energy efficient building systems.

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