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Lisbon Operational Command Centre

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Lisbon Operational Command Centre - GLCS, Arquitectos
  • Lisbon Operational Comand Centre - Refer, EP

    Located at the Braço de Prata Station in Lisbon, this building was conceived to hold all the railway traffic control systems of the central area of Portugal, and has technical and functional characteristics of great complexity, namely concerning the spatial construction of the Command Room where the geometrics of the ergonomic relation between the operators and the monitoring displays as well the articulation of all the infrastructures are combined as a whole.
    The building is structured around a central space for the Control Room and the Situation Room, and the GroundFloor is reserved for the entrance, technical and staff facilities. In thesquared body, which goes along the Command Room over the three floors, stand all the circulation and service areas as well the administration.

  • Client
    THALES – Security Solutions & Services, S.A.
    Braço de Prata Station - Lisbon - Portugal
    Built Area
    Gonçalo Louro & Cláudia Santos – Arquitectos, Lda.
    André Almeida, Paulo Costa, Tierri Luís, Ivo Garcia, Ruy Crisóstomo
    SE2P, Lda (Structure and Hidraulics) | GET, Lda (Mechanical Inst.) | RMGO, Lda (Electrical Inst.) | Acústica & Ambiente, Lda (Acoustics) | THALES, S.A. (Special Inst.)
    Fernando Guerra
    Project /Conclusion Date
    Jan. 2006 / Oct. 2007

    Selected work by the jury of the World Architecture Festival - WAF, under the category "Transport" (Barcelona 2008)
    Nomminated work under the category Private Project and Project of the Year at the Construir Award (release 2007)
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