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Korda Filmpark, Visitors Centre

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The Visitor’s Centre at the Korda Filmpark in Etyek, Hungary, offers members of the public a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the global film industry.
  • Korda Filmpark, Visitors Centre
    Etyek, Hungary, Europe
  • The recently completed Visitor’s Centre at the Korda Filmpark in Etyek, Hungary, offers members
    of the public a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the global film industry. The studios and
    backlot sets built previously on the site are now accompanied by an exhibition hall and spectacular,
    multi-functional café and reception building that serves as the public face of the facility. Both
    new buildings were designed by Bord Architectural Studio.

    The exhibition hall was created to give visitors a comprehensive insight into the filmmaking
    process. To make the experience as authentic as possible, the hall housing the interactive exhibition
    of the history of film production and cinema technology can also function as a fully fledged
    studio in itself. An important element of the design was the option to move the exhibits out to allow
    the hall to converted into a conventional studio as required.

    The plans for the visitor’s café and reception building were drawn up with similar
    objectives in mind. The most memorable feature of the building, situated at the highest point of
    the studio complex, is its openness. The structure is essentially a vast marquee, protecting its
    occupants from the elements while offering excellent views of the nearby studios. The single-storey
    building has an open floor plan with high ceilings to provide a striking contrast to the backlot sets
    continuously being constructed around it. The 450-seater restaurant and coffee shop is located
    on the ground floor along with a kitchen and storage areas, while the toilets and engineering facilities
    are found in the basement. The café opens onto a 150m2 covered terrace with views of the
    studios and surrounding countryside. The terrace is embraced by a 5000m3 artificial lake, which
    also serves to provide fire protection water for the entire Filmpark complex. The building is a
    reinforced concrete monolith with a pillar framework supported by reinforced concrete walls. The
    characteristic V-shaped cutaways contrast against the solid reinforced concrete walls of the entrance,
    further emphasising its welcoming function. Above the pillars, monolithic long-span beams
    support an enormous flat roof covering the hall. It is no coincidence that both the interior and exterior
    of the building are of an industrial style indicative of its functional focus on providing space,
    shelter and a view of the Filmpark. In keeping with this purpose, it is characterised by simple
    surfaces, such as raw concrete walls, synthetic resin floors, clear glass exteriors, whitewashed
    outside walls and an aluminium curtain wall. In addition, automated laminated metal blinds invite in
    light according to the intensity of the sun and time of day.

    Client: Filmközpont Kft.
    General designer: Bord Architectural Studio Ltd.
    Architects: Peter Bordás – lead designer; Tamás Tolvaj, Imre Bődi – architects
    Photo: Endre Tóth

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