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House Chmar

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The site is 2.5 acres of woods, adjacent along its longest property line to a forest, three miles from the heart of downtown Atlanta. The project is a 4,000 square foot house for a couple anticipating children and visiting parents. Where a tree had fallen, an opening occurred in the woods. The house occupies the position of the fallen tree. The house also occupies the attitude of the people who inhabit it—an attitude of multiplicities and dualities. The house is firmly planted on the ground but rises above it. The interior spaces enclose and protect and, at the same time, imply extensions into the space of the woods. Particular exterior zones are one with particular interior zones. The house is narrow but not limited. It is isolated in the woods yet at its very heart is the Goshinden Room where light and companionship are shared. The house is a simple wood structure, clad in stucco and glass and metal roofing. The driveway is gravel. Very few trees were felled during the construction process.

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