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A closed small house when it is not occupied. A big open house when in use.
  • House in an Oak Grove
  • This house deals with the desire for a simultaneous contemplation of the fireplace and the sunset and with nature turned into a domestic object of affection. It intertwines construction and natural environment in order to stress the relationship with an oak grove full of family memories.

    Photos by David Frutos
  • Experience diagram
  • The house should be completely closed when nobody is home, and very open when the owners go to enjoy nature. It is a house that is bigger when it is open and smaller when closed. 
  • The sliding doors give shadows to the surroundings of the house to create areas of comfort in a very hot summer.
  • Process models
  • Floor plan
  • The fireplace is integrated in a deep and wide window that faces west, allowing the users to watch the sunset while sitting before the fire.
  • Shades can be placed in different ways during the different hours of the day
  • Interior Elevations
  • Interior views

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