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  • Camp at Cabot Beach is designed to address the needs of children between the ages of 8-17 who are living in families that have been affected by chronic illness or disability. The camp started 5 years ago and runs for 3 weeks every August. In 2009 they needed new facilities.

    In collaboration with 3 other colleagues, we set out to design and build the camp in a short 4 months. The facilities include a staff washroom, a camper washroom, outdoor showers, a kitchen, and a dining hall that facilitates 80 children and up to 20 staff. The simple form of the design focuses on natural day lighting and passive ventilation. The heavier southern wall is insulated to block out the hot summer sun and the noise of the busy rural community.

    The concept is to create a linear layout that acts as a boundary line that together with the forest edge defines the realm of the camp. Once you pass across this ‘line’ you are embraced by the camp ‘bubble.’ This is the children’s escape.

    Location: Malpeque, Prince Edward Island
    Collaborators: Clayton Blackman, Andrew Choptiany, Sam Lock
    Area: 3,900sq.ft.
    Completed: 2009

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